59a edizione
21-24 Marzo 2022

Apple per BolognaRagazzi Digital Award

In evidenza su App Store dalla prossima settimana alcune delle app che hanno vinto il BolognaRagazzi Digital Award

WINNER fiction

Love, the app

"Fifty years after its first edition (France, 1964), Love, the app brings back the illustrated masterpiece and timeless classic LOVE, by italian artist Gian Berto Vanni, reviewed by the New York Times as “an off-beat work"" and by Le Figaro Litteraire as ""a colored graphic poem”. A delightful animated story that enticed readers of all ages.

Explore the true essence of love throughout a magical environment of paper-cut animations, mysterious slots and a subtle original soundtrack. An overwhelming interactive storybook that will touch your heart.
A story that recaptures our ability as humans to love, regardless of our differences."

mention fiction

Midnight Feast

In a near future where drought and poverty are the norm, teenage Roya longs for a rich midnight feast so she might forget her worn surroundings, but when she finally stays up for it, she is disappointed to find that wonderful food does not magically appear at midnight. Her parents' attempts to create an exciting evening fall flat. Instead, Roya sees for the first time homeless people gathering on the alley way below, and must ultimately decide whether she will acknowledge the reality of the poverty outside her own kitchen window or else try to retain her childlike obliviousness. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/midnight-feast/id608825489?mt=8
mention fiction

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk blurs the distinction between story and game more than ever before to create a completely new kind of reading experience for children: the app is where on-screen gaming and reading meet. Conceived and created with reading for pleasure at its heart, Jack and the Beanstalk rewards success with more story, and encourages repeat play with endless variety. Readers play games in different rooms of the giant’s castle and collect keys to unlock more of the story, and success – or failure – at collecting the giant’s treasure determines the outcome of the whole story. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jack-beanstalk-by-nosy-crow/id796383629?ls=1&mt=8
WINNER non fiction

Peter and the wolf

"A wonderful new adaptation of the masterpiece of classical music for children: Peter and the Wolf by Sergueï Prokofiev. A 30-minutes film combined with exclusive footages and 9 playful and poetic musical activities. With the complicity of musicians from the National Orchestra of France, conducted by maestro Daniele Gatti, give life to the characters, become the composer, mix the instruments, travel in the orchestra at 360 degrees..." https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/pierre-et-le-loup/id780386365?mt=8
mention non fiction

Double Double

Double Double is a conceptual book that plays with reader’s intellect. Each page delivers a surprising interpretation when the reader simply turns it upside down by touching the screen. With a great economy of resources, illustrations with an aesthetic minimalism allow an easy interpretation of the paradox. Double Double is a book where ideas, graphic design and humor, become inseparable and reading becomes an intelligent experience. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/double-double/id700685976?ls=1&mt=11
mention non fiction

ABC Actions

"ABC Actions enables a very young crowd to understand the meaning of more than 50 action words in English and Spanish.

Using beautiful images, fun interactions, spoken content, and insightful videos and leveraging user-centered design ABC Actions engages and entertains your kids while adding value to their education."