Bologna Children bookfair See you
in Bologna

12-15 April


We read their names but never remember them. They take us by the hand into the fascinating yet often impervious territory of cultures different from our own that come alive in the nuances of language. They are the translators, those invisible craftsmen who open the doors to new worlds. Theirs is an all-important role, perhaps even more so when it comes to children’s literature. Writing for a young audience is an arduous task; translating children’s books can be even more complicated.

“Saying almost the same thing” is a fascinating adventure – often a formidable task but one that gives great satisfaction.


The translator’s job is a solitary one. So what better opportunity to meet and exchange views with fellow translators than at the Children’s Book Fair at the Translators Centre, especially designed for members of this challenging profession.


The initiative has led to the creation of the World Directory of Children’s Book Translators, the most important global database of translators open to professionals … a much used contact source for publishers seeking competent partners.

Translators wishing to visit the Fair, may write to  for a reduced ticket (20 €) reserved to the category.

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