58th edition
14-17 June 2021

New York Rights Fair and BookExpo: announcing a new partnership between the two american tradefairs

The new NEW YORK RIGHTS FAIR (NYRF), created by BolognaFiere in partnership with Publishers Weekly and The Combined Book Exhibit, signed an agreement with BookExpo, the American book fair organized by Reed Exhibition, allowing the two events to work together to better serve the publishing industry.

As of 2018, NYRF will thus become the "Official Rights Fair" of BookExpo, i.e. the professional section for trading of copyright.

This joint marketing agreement will allow BookExpo and NYRF to work together and offer the entire publishing industry the perfect gateway to the US publishing market, including increased access to resurgent US bookstores, and more opportunities for rights professionals to embrace the explosion in new media and rights opportunities.

The new relationship will help to bring together all aspects of the publishing industry, providing the strongest foundation for those looking to pursue publishing rights in the US and internationally.

Starting in 2018, NYRF and BookExpo will work seamlessly together to offer the following to all attendees:



  • NYRF badge holders will have full access to the BookExpoexhibition floor
  • BookExpo’s Rights Center will move to NYRF and will become the official Rights Center of BookExpo. Rights oriented exhibitors will have the option to move to premium space at the NYRF located at the Metropolitan Pavillion in the Chelsea section of NYC
  • BookExpo attendees with a Rights badge designation will have full access to NYRF
  • Shuttle buses will be provided between BookExpo and NYRF to enable attendees to easily attend both events
  • Information for both NYRF and BookExpo will be available in all directories and websites for both shows
  • On-site staff will assist with information regarding BookExpo and NYRF at both events


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