58th edition
12-15 April 2021

BCBF visual identity 2019: Masha Titova

The workshop to create the visual identity of the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2019 is already in full swing, the result of the co-design between the young artist selected from the 2018 Illustrators Exhibition and Chialab design studio.

While we wait to reveal her new work, we introduce you Masha Titova, the Russian illustrator who is the creative artist of the 2019 edition.


Born in Moscow, Russia, 1988, where she lives and works as illustrator, printmaker and teacher. Masha Titova graduated in 2012 from the Moscow State Academy of Applied Arts and Design, BA in Visual Arts. In 2011 she won the Presidential scholarship for study abroad and spent the last year of her studies at the Academy of Architecture, Art and Design in Prague, exchange program. In 2015 she graduated at the Boris Trofimov Graphic Design Studio, MA in Visual Arts.
Masha has already worked as illustrator and designer under two book’s projects: «1917 — our life after», Preobrazhenie Publishing House, 2017 and «The hamster was walking», Samokat Publishing House, 2018. Since 2014, her artwork has also been presented in several exhibitions in Russia. In 2018 she was selected in the Illustrators Exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair.



This is how the Chialab working group steered the “BCBF Visual Identity Workshop” in its brief to create BCBF 2019 visual identity:

“Masha arrived from Moscow on Monday evening. On Tuesday morning she was already at work in our courtyard. On the large work table, materials from previous editions, illustrated with Daniele's chimera and Chloé’s florists. We explained to her the many parts of the project: formats, colours, themes, times... she welcomed them as opportunities and shortly afterwards we were all there with the work. Many cherries, cutouts and shapes, windows and pages, colours and textures, occasionally a cappuccino after a salad. And suddenly it was already Thursday and Marsha had to fly back to Moscow leaving us with her ideas, and there they are all still on the table, waiting for us...”

Find out more about Masha Titova on her website: https://readymag.com/mashatitova/works/

Masha Titova’s illustrations in the Illustrators Annual 2018: