Bologna Children bookfair See you
in Bologna

12-15 April

Jury 2020 Illustrators Exhibition


Valérie Cussaguet

Les Fourmis Rouges,  France

After obtaining a degree in Law from Nanterre University and training in publishing at Paris XIII, Valérie Cussaguet began work in 1992 as a book promoter at Gallimard Jeunesse, subsequently moving to Bayard Éditions, again on the communications side of the business. In 1998, she helped set up Éditions Thierry Magnier, where for thirteen years she was involved with picturebook publication. In 2013, with twenty years’ publishing experience behind her, Valérie decided to start her own children’s book publishing house, Les Fourmis Rouges. Today, with a catalogue of some ninety picturebooks, many of which translated into several languages, and numerous literary awards to its name, Les Fourmis Rouges is firmly established on the children’s publishing scene. In 2016, Valérie also became an Associate Professor on the Master’s Publishing Course at Clermont-Ferrand University. 

picture: copyright Stephan Zaubitzer

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Enrico Fornaroli

Bologna's Fine Art Academy, Italy 

Director of Bologna’s Fine Art Academy, Enrico Fornaroli also holds the Chair of the Art Education and Teaching Department. For years he has been concerned with the mass media and children’s literature. The curator of numerous imprints dedicated to comics, Enrico acted as consultant for Panini Comics on the development of I Classici del Fumetto and I Classici del Fumetto – published in the Serie Oro by the Italian daily "La Repubblica". He has written many essays and catalogue overviews on comics, communication and cultural studies. Since 2006, Enrico has curated the Giornata Mafrica per la Letteratura Popolare, sponsored by the Natalino Sapegno Foundation.

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Lorenzo Mattotti

Artist, Italy, France

Lorenzo Mattotti studied Architecture at the University of Venice and started his career in the ‘70s as a comics writer. Frequenting often the stimulating scene of comics writers in Bologna, together with other artists, he founded the magazine Valvoline (1983), and, the year after, he also published his book Fires, work that will make his highly expressive and evocative style achieve international acclaim.

Moving permanently to Paris in 1988, Lorenzo became part of the international illustration scene, exploring forms of artistic expression other than comics, a genre, however, that he will still continue to cultivate. Among the many publications, we find La Zona Fatua, (released in 1998 by Albin Michel as part of a volume entitled Murmure), L’Uomo alla Finestra (Feltrinelli, 1992), Le Voyage de Caboto (Albin Michel, 1993),  and Stigmates, first published in France in 1994 by Autrement in the anthology Le Retour de Dieu and further developed in Le Bruit du Givre (Seuil, 2003).

Alongside his collaboration with newspapers like "The New Yorker","Cosmopolitan", "Le Monde", "Suddeutsche Zeitung", "Il Corriere della Sera" and "La Repubblica", Lorenzo also accepted commissions from the visual communication sector, developing a particular interest in the language of film. In 2004, following on from his animation for children, Eugenio e Pinocchio, he created the illustrations for Eros, a film series directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, Steven Soderbergh and Wong Kar-wai, and, in 2008, he also collaborated on the collective animation Peur(s) du noir (2008). It is again an animation project his more recent major focus: the feature film La famosa invasione degli orsi in Sicilia, produced by Prima Linea Productions and co-produced by Pathé, France 3 Cinéma and Indigo Film, won the Fondation Gan pour le Cinéma Special Prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. 

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Cathy Olmedillas

Studio Anorak, UK

Cathy Olmedillas is the creative director and founder of Studio Anorak, publishers of "Happy Mags for Kids", "Anorak" and "DOT". In 2006, she launched the internationally-acclaimed "Happy Mag for Kids", Anorak when she couldn't find a fun, educational and collectable magazine to read with her son. Studio Anorak went on to launch a family-focused content agency producing pieces of communications for brands such as Airbnb, H&M and Pottermore amongst others. 

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Machiko Wakatsuki

Bronze Publishing, Japan

President and chief editor at Bronze Publishing Inc., based in Tokyo, Japan. Machiko was born in Kyoto and studied Aesthetics and Arts at Doshisha University.

In 1983 she founded Bronze Publishing Inc. At the beginning Bronze published mainly literal works and critical essays. Then in 1990, it published its first picture book for children entitled: Scribble Book Gomi Taro 50% by Taro Gomi. This book is now translated into 18 different languages. Machiko’s first visit to Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1993 was an important eye-opening experience. She was dumbfounded by the variety of picture books published across the world and the efforts of the publishers who endeavor to make books for children by combining Literature and Art, using artistic expressions based firmly on local culture and history. From then on, she has frequented Bologna Book Fair every year, and Bronze Publishing is now in its eighteenth year to participate in the Fair. Bronze has published Japanese authors such as Taro Gomi, Komako Sakai, Tupera Tupera, Shinsuke Yoshitake and Akiko Miyakoshi and many others. In 2016 Bronze Publishing was nominated as best Asian publisher for the Book Fair’s BOP Prize and in 2017 Shinsuke Yoshitake’s Still Stuck received Special Mention in the Fiction Section of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s Ragazzi Awards. 

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