58th edition
14-17 June 2021

BolognaRagazzi Digital Award - 2020 winners

BolognaRagazzi Digital Award - 2020 winners

The 2020 Award at a glance:

  • 94 entries from 29 countries
  • One winner and three mentions  
  • Five jurors from UK, Spain, Italy and the USA

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The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature  

Arte/La Belle Games, France
Author: Thibaut de Corday
Illustrator: Charles Boury

What the jury said:
"We loved the way this Victorian gothic novel has been reimagined in digital, combining great visuals, subtle gameplay, interactive narrative and atmospheric sound design. For teen readers it creates a whole new and authentic way to explore a classic text, while being respectful of the original text." 



Paper House, Australia
Author: Renee Treml
Illustrator: Nina Bennett

What the jury said:
"An app that allows kids to explore the beautiful Australian bush through the eyes of a lovely wombat, approaching the topical subject of protecting our natural environment in a sensitive manner. Your finger navigates its way through the narrative, melting away the bush to uncover the next surprise. The  combination of visual, audio and user experience come together to create a title worthy of significant praise.  "   


Puku: Learn New Words 

Merriam Webster, USA
Autore e illustratore: Merriam-Webster

What the jury said:
"This skillful app rethinks the dictionary for the touchscreen vital expanding a child’s vocabulary in a playful and engaging way. The growing worm (Puku)  grows to reward and motivate the learner, and the pedagogical merits of the app in developing language skills are clear. The target age range is often under catered for in terms of literacy apps and this app stands out as a great example. "    


Pango Musical March 

Studio Pango, France
Authors: Nicolas Blanc, Stéphane Lison
Illustrator: Lise Melinand

What the jury said:
"A fun musical toy box that allows you to play around with a range of different types of bands, combining instruments into melodies. With a simple but charming visual style, this amusing app engages young kids in creating music, through the performance of whimsical animal characters."    


AR Makr (Line Break, USA)
This augmented reality tool has great potential to stimulate 3D creativity. It allows any user to invent and develop stories, interacting with the surrounding space. Simple to use, this app opens up a whole new creative dimension for future generations.

Barefoot World Atlas 4.0 (Barefoot Books, USA - Author: Barefoot Books; Illustrator: David Dean)
First noted by the Jury in 2012, this title has been significantly updated and is now an excellent example of how information and concrete data can be turned into a great interactive digital experience.

MarcoPolo World School (MarcoPolo Learning, UK - Author: Marcopolo Learning; Illustrator: In-House Team)
The Jury appreciated the quality and wide-range of the engaging learning content presented in video and game format. Well designed, the app also contains a limited number of games that contribute to the overall effectiveness, encouraging musical and artistic creativity.

National Geographic Explore VR (Force Field Entertainment, Netherlands -  Author and Illustrator: Force Field Entertainment)
Virtual Reality (VR) has made giant strides in recent years and is now present in schools and homes thanks to accessible devices that no longer require the use of a pc, as in the case of Oculus Quest. “National Geographic VR” takes kids on a virtual trip to places they dream of visiting. This fun and challenging exploratory expedition is also a learning experience, the teacher a virtual expert. The Jury appreciated the quality of the graphic art and sound design but also the app’s content accuracy.

Super Simple (Skyship Entertainment, Canada - Author: Skyship Entertainment/Wonderz GMBH; Illustrator: Skyship Entertainment) 
This excellent multiple-content collection (video/e-book/games) is combined with an innovative, user-friendly interface. The Jury appreciated this app’s off-line functionality and the possibility to keep track of the child user’s progress.

Thinkrolls Space (Avokiddo, Cyprus - Author and Illustrator: Avokiddo LTD) 
The Avokiddo team have come up with another excellent game – a real brain-teaser – this time set in space. The usual format still works well, providing an engaging game experience that helps kids develop their logical problem-solving skills.

Tongo Circus (Firstconcert Productions, Germany - Author: Ruth Bersch-Gómez; Illustrator: Sue Doeksen)
The Jury particularly appreciated the selection of classical music in this app, an uncommon topic of digital products for children. The beautiful illustrations make this a lively, enjoyable way of allowing young children to discover great classical music.

Noah’s Ark Animalibrium (Giulia Olivares, Italy - Authors: Giulia Olivares, Giordano Scalzo; Illustrator: Giulia Olivares)
This fascinating sandbox game was appreciated by the Jury, even if it felt that certain user-experience aspects could be improved. This open-ended digital toy is like an interactive painting that invites the user to explore.

Outbreak Squad (New Mexico State University, USA - Authors and Illustrators: Learning Games Lab, New Mexico State University) 
This free, web-accessible product deserves praise for its aim to involve young people in an important, highly topical subject by using a superhero strategy game. The user is required to weigh up a series of factors in order to control the spread of an epidemic. A noteworthy project, despite the need to improve certain aspects of the graphic art and user experience.

Star Wars AR Book Holoscanner (Carlton Books, UK - App: Japhet Asher/Will Smith; Book by: Jason Fry/Russell Knowles)
The Carlton Books team has given us another example of how to use augmented reality to add real value to a printed book. The video content and 3D interactive experience breathes new life into the book.