58th edition
14-17 June 2021


The jurors also gave the following entries a special commendation for making their unique contribution to children’s digital publishing.



IzHard, 2018, Russia

Author: Vilassak Alexander

Mesmerizing black and white puzzle game. Whilst not only for children, it uses its simplicity as a wonderful tool to challenge play, exploring the themes of gravity, negative space, in and out, up and down.



Women Who Changed the World 
Learny Land, 2019, Spain

Author: Learny Land

Illustrator: Alins Illustration / Sònia Alins

Learning about strong female role models in history is important for children of both genders. This is accomplished here, with quality illustrations and a good interactive experience. The mix of quiz questions, reading, audio and graphics make a nice interactive book experience. Ages 8-up, for iOS. 


little kitten

Little Kitten & Friends 
Fox & Sheep GmbH, 2018, Germany

Author and Illustrator: Squeakosaurus

This second “Little Kitten” app gives you more to do, and features beautiful realistic illustrations. Games are limited, but include an attractive, easy to play AR experience. Runs on iOS, for ages 3-8.



Inception, 2018, Israel

Author and Illustrator: Multiple

This online book store from Israel does something very special, by making classic children’s books look like they’re sitting on your table using Augmented Reality (AR). You can swipe to turn the page, zoom into a page, and examine illustrations in 3D. Jurors liked the collection, which includes Peter Rabbit and the DK Children’s Encyclopedia.