Bologna Children bookfair See you
in Bologna

12-15 April

COMICS - Early Reader


Written And Drawn By Henrietta

Text and art by Ricardo Liniers
Colours and lettering by Rémi Chaurand
Toon Books, USA, 2015

What the jury said:
The jury was charmed by Liniers celebration of imagination and the creative process as depicted through the vivid drawings and wildly inventive stories of Henrietta, a young girl with a brand new box of colored pencils. Liniers draws Henrietta in a series of subdued comic sequences on pages that are very quickly high-jacked by the extravagant, colorful, crazed energy of Henrietta’s childlike pencil drawings, which she uses to tell the story of a three headed monster with only two hats, and the wildly funny search for the missing hat inside her apparently huge wardrobe."


Toni. Und alles nur wegen Renato Flash

Text and art by Philip Waechter
Beltz & Gelberg, Germany, 2018

What the jury said:
“A mother, a son, and a pair of flashy football boots. Too expensive, says Toni's mother, so Toni has to earn his own money. With his light and stylized drawings, Philip Waechter tells a humorous, subtly ironic story about the daily bickering and misunderstandings between a mother and her son. While Toni fails to earn money by walking dogs or singing in the streets, he learns important lessons about courage, friendship, generosity - and finally finds himself rewarded with the flashy football boots." 


Ariol. Touche pas à mon veau

Text by Emmanuel Guibert
Art by Marc Boutavant
Bayard Éditions, France, 2019

What the jury said:
“This Mention is a way of acknowledging one of the world’s most successful children’s literature series. By representing their child subjects as animals, the authors adopt a humorous but no less profound way of illustrating the everyday lives of young children, their interactions, behaviour, hopes and fears. The psychological complexity of the characters, sparkling text, and visual impact of the simple yet elegant graphic art make this a perfect example of what a comic book for very young readers should be." 


Diana sottosopra

Text and art by Kalina Muhova
Canicola Edizioni, Italy, 2019

What the jury said:
“Blending the everyday with the fantastic, the book describes the adventures of at spirited young girl, Diana, while on holiday at her grandparents as she becomes acquainted with a mysterious array of plant life. Both the pace of the text and the ever-changing page layout paint a convincing picture of childhood. The book also succeeds in conveying an environmental message without lecturing, simply telling a story that is a pleasure to read."