58th edition
14-17 June 2021
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Germany - German Collective and Frankfurter Buchmesse


Bärbel Becker (Director International Projects)
email: becker@book-fair.com

Marifé Boix (Vice President Business Development Southern)
email: boix@book-fair.com

Imke Buhre (Manager International Projects)
email: buhre@book-fair.com

Eleonora Di Blasio (Key Account Manager)
email: diblasio@book-fair.com

Birgit Fricke (Sales Manager Children's Books)
email: fricke@book-fair.com

Hendrik Hellige (Community Lead)
email: hellige@book-fair.com

Thomas Minkus (Frankfurt Book Fair New York)
email: minkus@book-fair.com

Gabi Rauch-Kneer (Vice President Exhibition Management)
email: Rauch-kneer@book-fair.com

Martina Stemann (Senior Sales Manager Children's Books)
email: stemann@book-fair.com


Organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse and sponsored by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs the German collective stand shows a wide range of children's books and educational material from German speaking publishing houses. You are invited to special exhibitions organized by Arbeitsgemeinschaft von Jugendbuchverlagen and German Illustration Organization, to have a look at the nominees of the German Youth Literature Award as well as to meet publishers, editors, rights managers and illustrators.


101 Activity books 102 Board books 103 Novelty books 104 Picture books 105 Painting and colouring books 106 Pop-up books 201 Entertainment 202 Hobbies 203 How-to-books 204 Leisure 205 Pets 206 Sport 207 Cooking 208 Nature and Environment 301 Art 302 Biographies 303 Cinema and TV tie-ins 304 Encyclopaedias 305 Non-fiction


A pre-school B 5-10

Pad. 30 Stand C/6 - D/5

Braubachstrasse 16 PoBox: 10 01 16
60311 Frankfurt, GERMANIA