March 30 - April 2
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2019 Illustrators Exhibition

The 2019 Illustrators Annual collects the illustrations of the 76 artists selected and exhibited during the 56th edition of Bologna Children's Book Fair.

The 2019 cover was made by the  Russian artist Igor Oleynikov, winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award - considered the Nobel Prize for children’s literature. An exhibition of Igor Oleynikov was host in occasion of BCBF.

The Illustrators Annual is now available for online purchase!

Every year, the Annual collects all the works of the artists selected for the Illustrators' Exhibition: a large catalogue for publishers from all over the world, enriched with the contributions from members of the jury.

Alternating between the two prizes, the cover of the Illustrators Annual is created by the winners of the H. C. Andersen Award and the Grand Prix of the Biennal of Illustrations Bratislava, making the book a wonderful collector's item for all fans.

The Illustrators Annual is published by Corraini, lifelong publisher of illustrated books, art books, photographic books, design and graphics, as well as the beautiful “book objects” by Bruno Munari.

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