58th edition
12-15 April 2021

Aldus Up

Aldus Up

Project for the Relaunch of Book Fairs

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The Aldus network of European book fairs prepares for the relaunch of trade fairs by opening a program called Aldus Up – a European Commission-funded project that looks to the digital world to create new ways of community building between readers and publishers.

The Aldus Up projects makes its debut at the Frankfurt Book Fair (14-18 October 2020) with a line-up of four professional meetings included in the Buchmesse programme, this is year in a digital format.

Aldus Up project aims to innovate and boost book fairs after the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting the exchange of translation rights between countries, the internationalisation of the publishing sector, with particular attention to the digital shift, as well as new models for book fairs to develop their audience and increase their inclusivity and accessibility.

Co-funded by the European Union's Europe Creative programme, the four years project is coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and is born out of the experience of Aldus, a network set up in 2016 that today involves 20 European fairs.

What are the trends in European publishing markets after the epidemic and how can exchanges between different countries be stimulated? How are reading habits and cultural consumption changing? How can we use digital technologies to redesign Fairs and the market for exchanging rights? These are some of the issues which will be addressed during the four professional meetings.

Aldus Up events in FBM digital programme

  • October 13th, h.12.30 –13.30 CEST: “The Role of Book Fairs in an Increasingly Digital Context”: a networking event organised by Aldus Up
    A discussion group on future strategies for book fairs during the next years.
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  • October 15th, h.12:30-13:30: “FEP Rendez – Vous” organised by FEP in the framework of Aldus Up
    European publishers ask Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and EU policymakers how the EU can support culture and in particular the book sector, from the impact of the Covid-19.
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  • October 15th, h.16:00 “Reading Matters!” organised by IPA and LitCam, in collaboration with Aldus Up
    An exclusive in-depth look at a new IPA report looking at the evolution of reading habits around the world followed by an international panel on literacy
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  • October 16th, h.11.30- 12.30: “European Accessibility Act (EAA): a chance for publishers - All you need to know from international accessibility experts”- organised by FEP and IPA in collaboration with Fondazione LIA and Aldus Up 
    This panel gathers international accessibility experts who will tell you everything you need to know about the European Accessibility Act and how to be compliant. Full programme available
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Market Insights: European data presented in collaboration with Aldus Up in FBM digital programme 

The international markets area of the FBM website will feature a Market Insights page dedicated to publishing market data from individual countries worldwide. European market data are presented in collaboration with Aldus Up.

Market Insights page