58th edition
14-17 Giugno 2021
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Iwanami Shoten, Publishers


Ayaka Matsubara (Children's Book Editor)
email: ayaka@iwanami.co.jp


Iwanami Shoten, Publishers is the foremost academic publishing house in Japan. Having Celebrated its centennial in 2013, the company continues to produce an extensive range of publications including monographs, textbooks, references and essays, all of high academic standard, in the fields of social and natural sciences, the humanities, art and literature. It is the renowned publisher of Kojien, the comprehensive dictionary of the Japanese language. Iwanami Bunko (Iwanami Library of Classics) includes works of classics from worldwide in all disciplines, and Iwanami Shinsho (Iwanami Paperbacks) aims to link general readers with works by leading scholars and professionals. Among Iwanami's major publications are the 200 volume Anthology of Classical Japanese Literature, and Anthology of Japanese Thought. Containing comprehensive annotated selections of major works, these series make an important contribution to the preservation of Japan’s cultural resources. Iwanami is also recognized for its significant role in the development of children’s book publishing in Japan, with focus on introducing foreign literature. For Children's Non-Fiction, Iwanami Jr Shinsho is recognized as one of the leading NF collections which encourage children to learn and to think.


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