58th edition
14-17 Giugno 2021
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Mussila is the new name of the company Rosamosi game studio that was founded in 2015 with the mission of creating digital solutions that make music learning more engaging while keeping the highest standards. Learning music has shown to have relevant benefits for the cognitive development of children, leading to better academic results, work opportunities, higher career goals and more civic engagement. However, traditional methods in music education leave this enormous potential untapped; due to the difficulty of dealing with music theory, the accessibility to music learning resources (exclusive to only some parts of the population) and the lack of guiding on how to progress (which frustrates students). We have created Mussila: a unique method for music learning that bridges the gap between music theory and the joy of playing, by combining research-based music learning approaches with the opportunities brought by gamification and mobile devices. Mussila involves a mobile app, theory books, teacher courses, merchandising, interactive installations for educational activities, and a TV series, intended to add value to the music learning process. Preliminary studies of Mussila have shown substantially better learning results compared to traditional approaches in real experiences in schools and the current game is highly rated by critics and users alike (200,000 downloads, and recognition and awards received from experts). After having launched to market a highly acclaimed first version of the Mussila Game and established a solid commercial network with global reach, we now want to further develop the solution to complete the Mussila educational environment with the rest of Mussila products. With this project we aim to confirm our draft business plan and prepare the international commercial exploitation of Mussila.


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