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14-17 Giugno 2021
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Kreativni Centar


Dejan Begovic (Rights Manager)
email: dejan.begovic@kreativnicentar.rs

Ivana Bojovic Grujic (Rights Manager)
email: rights@kreativnicentar.rs

Ljiljana Marinkovic (General Manager)
email: ljilja@kreativnicentar.rs

Slavica Markovic (Editor)
email: slavica.markovic@kreativnicentar.rs


Kreativni centar (Creative Centre) is a leading publisher of children's books in Serbia. Founded in 1989, Kreativni centar started as a small, family based publisher, producing picture books, books for children and handbooks for parents, teachers and all other professionals working with children. Right from the start, Kreativni centar put all its effort in making books that would support children during their childhood, offering them opportunity to develop creativity, imagination and practical skills. Kreativni centar offers today more than 750 titles intended for different age groups: preschool children (from 2 to 7), pupils in elementary and secondary schools (from 7 to 19) and adults who work with children (parents, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and others). About 75% of the total number of titles are written and illustrated by domestic authors. All these titles are divided into a number of different series which you will find in this catalogue: picture books, popular science books, textbooks, handbooks, fairy tales, poetry and novels. Kreativni centar has developed a large scale publishing line of textbooks for the first four grades of primary school. Textbooks in all subjects – Math, Literature, Grammar, Music, Health education, Arts, Nature and community – are supported by amusing activity books and workbooks for students and handbooks for teachers. Kreativni centar is a member of the European Educational Publishers Group - EEPG www.eepg.org. Kreativni centar has 45 employees and its books are sold in 600 bookstores in the region.


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